General Gynaecological Services

  • preventive examinations
  • gynaecological care – diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions
  • infertility diagnosis and treatment
  • family planning and contraception counseling
  • comprehensive care for women in menopause
  • ultrasound diagnostics
  • cervical cancer vaccination

Prenatal care

  • comprehensive care for women with physiological pregnancy

Oncological prevention

  • Diagnostics and care of women with cervical congenital conditions – expert colposcopy and biopsy (collection of a small tissue sample from the cervix).
  • Diagnostics and care of women with pre-term conditions of external genitalia and vagina
  • Faecal occult blood test (screening for colon cancer)
  • Vaccination against HPV viruses (Gardasil 9, Silgard, Cervarix)
  • Consultation and advice